Online Money

Financial services — from online payments to transferring money — are broken. And where a problem exists, so entrepreneurs step in to create efficiencies. Here we meet a new breed of startups taking on the incumbents by rewriting the rules of money on their own terms:


The delivery of information to a group of destinations in a network identified by their geographical locations. It is a specialized form of multicast addressing used by some routing protocols for mobile ad hoc networks. A geographic destination address is expressed in three ways: point, circle (with center point and radius), and polygon (a list […]


A real-time version of BitTorrent; peer-to-peer television simultaneously uploads video streams while users download streams, increasing the overall bandwidth available. Distributed hash table technology can eliminate the need for a tracker. RESOURCES: Research Paper: Providing Video-on-Demand using Peer-to-Peer Networks Research Paper: NetTube: Exploring Social Networks for Peer-to-Peer Short Video Sharing