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2nd Annual Heaven on Earth Video Contest!


2nd Annual Heaven on Earth Video Contest!

Show your skills by creating an entertaining, and contemporary “YouTube” video introducing the possibility of Heaven on Earth becoming a reality in our world! Your job is to imagine how incredible this would really be and express it on film.

Everything that can be imagined is possible… Therefore, as we broaden our imaginations, our possibilities are endless!

Change is rapidly accelerating, both technologically and spiritually, and things never dreamed of in most of human history are becoming commonplace. This accelerated rate of change suggests that even faster and more exciting changes are not just possible, but probable for our near future.

(Contest entries will be accepted until midnight of January 21, 2016)

You are invited to open your mind to the possibility that our world can transform into a place as wonderful as can be imagined… a place we like to call Heaven on Earth… a place that would leave the viewer of your video saying “I Want That!”



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