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April 2022 Energy Update


The April 2022 #EnergyUpdate has come through, and there is a lot to cover this month. Some of the themes are:

‣ Reactions to War, #Overwhelm and how we deal with it,

‣ Strong Light Coming In, in April,

‣ And, on a relationship #healing level,

‣ Getting Entangled with the Emotions of Others.

We’ll take a look at those in detail and many other themes, so I encourage you to watch the full Energy Update.

Remember to look after yourselves this month, and always.

Big love,

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00:01 – Intro
01:10 – Reactions to War in the Collective – Heartbreak, Fear, Anger, Disgust, Horror, Grief
04:53 – Overwhelm and how to center yourself – feel the feelings, move the feelings, create space, take action
08:30 – General April Energy Climate – will be stormy – shifts between strong light and lower vibrations
08:51 – Light waves are coming in strong in April – stronger than all year so far
12:07 – The discomfort of transformation – in the discomfort we are shedding ourselves
12:58 – Future Emergence Energy is now being seeded – many leaders, wayshowers and visionaries are rising and emerging
15:28 – Relationship healing in April – Phase of ‘Getting stuck/attached’ to other people’s energies/emotions
19:42 – A continuing General #Awakening among people to the systems in our world and how they are operating right now
24:28 – The planet is not controllable – her intelligence will speak and rise


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