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Cathy is a writer and one of the founding members of notTV. Cathy also enjoys meditation and a good book.

Truck Convoy to End Mandates: “Wake Up and Stock UP!”

Tension escalates between Canadian Government and Trucker Drivers Canadian truck drivers take a stand after the government enforces vaccine mandates for them effective January 15. In this video from social media, Lee truck driver tells us why we should “wake up and stock up”. Lee’s view from the ground is that about 38,000 trucks will […]

What will history say about Dr. Anthony Fauci?

Will future textbooks paint Fauci as America’s top doctor? Or will Anthony Fauci go down in history as leading the worst mass genocide in human history? Who is Anthony Fauci? Prior to the declared COVID-19 pandemic on March 11, 2020, by the World Health Organization, most people had not heard the name Anthony Fauci. As […]

Just Following Orders – Obedience Experiment

In the Milgram Experiment, a well known study from 1961 Stanley Milgram conducted a psychological experiment to find out how far men would go when ordered to inflict pain on innocent people. He set out to explain the psychology of genocide. The study was inspired by the trial of German Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann […]

Will Justin Trudeau Invoke the Emergencies Act?

How far will Justin Trudeau go? Trudeau called an emergency meeting with the provincial Premieres in Canada for January 10, 2022. What could be on the agenda and when will the public be informed? COVID Variants Timeline January 2020 – ALPHA Variant March 2020 – State of Emergency declared across Canada July 2020 – BETA […]

Trudeau: Canadians are Angry with the Unvaccinated

Glen McGregor | CTV News interviews Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on January 5, 2022: “Prime Minister, there is still a significant population in Canada that is refusing to get vaccinated despite all the things you’ve done: travel restrictions, vaccine mandates, you coming out here with press conferences imploring them to get their shots. In France […]

Politicians – Silent Voices of the 21st Century

When the World Health Organization announced the COVID-19 global pandemic in March 2020, many people wondered how restrictions might affect them at Easter. As we approach the third Easter of this pandemic, restrictions continue to flip-flop around the country. People are increasingly speaking out across industries. Rick Nicholls, MPP, sat in the Legislative Assembly of […]

Is This the End to Critical Thinking?

THE LANGUAGE POLICE: 18 words the CBC doesn’t want you to use Tara Henley, Author/Journalist, recently announced her resignation from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and her story is spreading across media channels. What makes her resignation unique is the reason she is leaving. It has been two years since the World Health Organization declared a […]

PILOTS – Silent Voices of the 21st Century

The COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020. “Just two weeks to flatten the curve” is a distant memory now that we are approaching the end of year two. Or was it a gaff? Did they mean years and not months?  The divide is still strong between the “vaxxed” and the “unvaxxed” but more people are […]

Crimes Against Humanity: Nuremberg 2.0

A complaint was filed with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on December 6th, 2021 by a team from the UK on behalf of the people. They allege that crimes have been committed by the UK government officials and international world leaders. There are various violations of the Nuremberg Code, crimes against humanity, war […]

Who Funds and Fact Checks the Fact Checkers?

The people guilty of spreading misinformation are Facebook and its fact-checkers. John Tierney, Contributing Editor, City Journal John Tierney is the target of fact-checkers like many people worldwide. People are prevented from seeing his work even though he references peer reviewed research in his posts, Facebook admits in court that fact checkers is based on […]

Doctors on Tour on urgent mission in Sorrento, BC

Long term physicians speak to small town crowd in Sorrento, BC (Dec 14) about the dangers of the COVID vaccines. Doctors on Tour are banned from speaking within the medical establishment about their first hand patient experiences with COVID-19 and the vaccine. As a result, these doctors feel an urgent moral duty to get their […]

Slicing Pie: The concept of grunt funds

Many startups rely on bootstrapping and sweat equity because cash is often sparse at the beginning of the business venture. A unique solution to this common problem is found in the concept of Grunt Funds. Mike Moyer is an author, adjunct American professor of entrepreneurship at Northwestern University, adjunct professor at the University of Chicago […]

Don’t Worry by Playing for Change

Uploaded on 21 Jan 2009 From the award-winning documentary, “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music”, comes an incredible track written by Pierre Minetti performed by musicians around the world adding their part to the song as it traveled the globe. “Don’t Worry” is the follow up to the classic “Stand By Me” and the second […]

Branded Content and Programmatic Are the Future of Online Ads

Everything else is going to disappear. A Streaming Media East panel looks at what will succeed and what’s already lost in online video advertising. Creating work that people will pay attention to requires an entire team of people, according to the panelists in “The Future of Branded Content,” a panel held at the recent Streaming […]

Netflix Is the #3 Broadcaster in the U.S., Will Be #1 in 2016

While Netflix has been the biggest name is SVOD since its online debut, its momentum will soon make it the country’s biggest broadcaster. The subscription video-on-demand service Netflix is now the third biggest broadcaster in the U.S. That’s according to data released today by online video advertising company Alphonso. With Netflix’s current growth rate and […]

CRTC News Release on the Changing State of Television and Advertising

While we have removed some text from this article it is still fairly long but there is a lot of relevant information that people may find interesting. May 21, 2015 (Toronto, ON) Tom Pentefountas, Vice-Chairman, Broadcasting Thank you for your warm welcome. I thought you might all be depressed these days, following the finale of […]

CRTC Talk about the Transformation of Television

Montebello, Quebec May 8, 2015 Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Here are some interesting excerpts from this talk about the issues that matter to us and are defining the future of the television industry. The time to change and innovate has come. Your advantageous position is your springboard to the future. As […]

Brands Are Swiftly Taking Automated Digital Ad Buying Operations In-House

Here are a few excerpts from an interesting article on digital advertising: Brands are taking their automated digital ad buying operations in-house, and they’re doing so swiftly In-house spend is the fastest growing category in the programmatic ecosystem, The movement of programmatic operations in-house will likely be concerning to ad agencies, the traditional stewards of […]

Netflix Surpasses 62 Million Global Streaming Subscribers in Q1

Streaming giant hits on revenue, comes in low on earnings per share estimates. Netflix released its first quarter 2015 financials on Wednesday afternoon just after the U.S. stock markets closed, reporting earnings per share of $0.38 on net income of $23.7 million and $1.57 billion in revenue. Wall Street had forecast earnings per share of $0.69 […]

NAB 2015 Keynote: Google Sends Greetings From ‘Valleywood’

Our entertainment now comes from “Valleywood,” which, as Rany Ng, Google’s director of product management for video advertising, explained in her NAB keynote address, is the merger of Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Valleywood means change: change in how people view content (including new options such as binge watching) and change in how advertisers reach those […]

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