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Beliefs Do NOT Create Reality, The TRUTH (it’s time you know about)


The TRUTH is…Beliefs Do NOT Create Reality. This video will give you a completely new perspective and show you how reality really works. Once you understand this TRUTH…THERES NO GOING BACK!

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This video, I’m going to show you how beliefs do not create reality. I’m going to show you the truth that I realized and how this will change your life.

Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I’m going to be showing you how beliefs do not create reality, showing you a totally new perspective that puts in alignment the way reality really works, which makes the process so much easier.

Now let’s look at how we perceive reality. Now the reason we’re going to do this is we’re going to see that we don’t actually create our own reality. Let me show you how it actually works. So my favorite stick figure, here we go. Long Torso, little legs. Is it a belief?

I Dont Know. Okay. He just has, he just has a long torso. We can’t be, can’t be judgmental against him. Okay. Um, so here we go. So this say this is a mirror and then he sees his little, his little polka dotted body with his real long torso is little tiny lakes and he’s looking at the sim self in the mirror. Okay?

Now the way reality works is when we perceive in reality we pick up on about 2 million bits of information. Okay? Out of billions of bits of information, our brain, our brain can only pick up. He’s got a lot of space on this side. He better not hit his head there. He’s got only that have the capability of picking about 2 million bits of information when in actuality there are billions of bits of information all around us.

Now, the way that it really works is which billion, which millions of bits of information we pick up on will depend upon. Our expectations, will depend upon the momentum of energy that we have going. It’ll depend upon that and that is what we will perceive of. Now what we experienced in reality is a reflection of what we believe to be true, but we do not actually create reality.

This is what makes the biggest, yeah. Change. Because when we see that we don’t actually create reality, it allows us to surrender to a more divine plan. Yeah. You see, we are divine spiritual beings dreaming. We are humans in these little avatar bodies and as we go through life, we wake up to more and more of who we are. Yeah.

Now when we say that we create reality, our beliefs create reality. We emphasize this three d avatar could say three to four d Avatar and what we many times do is we put all the weight on our little avatar body. We perceive reality through the five senses. We can taste, touch, smell, hear, see, but at a greater level we’re much more than our body.

And as we wake up to that, we call that spiritual awakening. And then what we do is we go out into the world and many times we think that we have to create or attract something that’s over there to into here and it implies that what’s over there isn’t already here.

It already and you may say, well it is. It’s over there. It’s not over here. But you see everything in our reality is based on frequency. So if we match the frequency to what we want to experience, we then experience it in our life. But everything exists here in now. It’s just that when it comes to frequency, we may perceiving of the reality of the 2 million bits of information may be perceiving of the frequency of it being all the way over there.

And then what we do is we begin to put, bring our frequency to more of an alignment so that it’s in our life than we perceive it coming closer through our time space, reality, the way that we perceive reality, but understand all the different realities already exist of it being over there, of it being closer of it, being over here and us having it, but many people go at it from the point of trying to get that from over there to date over here, which emphasizes lack.

Yeah, it makes the process so much harder and then it puts all this burden on the ego. You have to create a reality. The little ego has to create reality, not knowing that the reality already exists and it can be so much easier with this perspective because you didn’t realize you do not create reality. You perceive reality because the 2 million bits of…

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