News & Talk with Chad and Travis. May 13.

with Guest “Chef Val”. Travis looks at a few headlines and talks with Chef Val about energy, food and health and in Down the Rabbit Hole Chad talks with her about reincarnation. Headlines with Travis. May 11, 2022 | Global News – James Topp charged for speaking against COVID-19 vaccine mandate in uniform The Department […]

Liberty Talk Canada. Document Anaylzes Gov’t Stats.

Ken Drysdale invested about 160 hours writing a document to analyze statistics from the Canadian Government website and proves their actions are fraudulent. An absolute bombshell report using the Canadian government’s OWN statistics and hospital facts researched and written by Ken Drysdale is currently being sent to RCMP and government officials regarding smoking gun evidence […]

News & Talk with Chad and Travis. May 11.

Kyle Cardinal is back for an Ottawa reunion of sorts with Travis and Chad. Kyle has important breaking news that must be shared far and wide. Time is short. May 22: The WHO plans to strip 194 nations, and the US, of sovereignty…/may-22-the-who-plans-to… Russell Brand Susan Stanfield Proposed amendments to the WHO International Health Regulations […]

News & Talk with Chad and Travis. May 9.

Richard fills in and talks with Chad about the behind the scenes experience. In Down the Rabbit Hole Chad looks at reincarnation. Richard demonstrates the ‘magic of TV’ The movie “The Humanity Bureau” with Nicholas Cage was mentioned. The story line mimics what is occurring today. Down the Rabbit Holewith Chad ***For entertainment purposes*** GAIA […]

Stop UN Law Enforcement Inside Our Borders

Susan Stanfield explains the critical nature of the Annex document at the center of the World Health Organization meeting in Geneva May 22-28. Susan Stanfield travels the world seeking truth and justice. She has her finger on the pulse of current events. When she says something is urgent we need to listen. Stanfield sounds the […]

Liberty Talk Canada. Why is David Fisman Hiding?

Attention Canada’s David Fisman. Why Are You Hiding From Other Scientists And Doctors? Liberty Talk Canada Episode-David Fisman creates with great effort an “embarrassing to read “scientific statement (according to others in the medical community) that the unvaxed put the vaxed in danger in Canada. He has been asked for a scientific debate by others […]

News & Talk with Chad and Travis. May 6.

Travis Talks digital real estate, The Plan, Grand Jury Evidence, Pfizer Profits, Post secondary law suits, Durham documents, and Chad Talks about starseeds. Headlines with Travis. The Metaverse Land for Sale DOCUMENTARY: The Plan (facebook video) The Plan is a new documentary showing that the official agenda of the World Health Organisation (WHO) is to […]

News & Talk with Chad and Travis. May 4.

Travis talks of suspension of a doctor for speaking out, fourth dose, Rolling Thunder and Chad takes a look at psychological warfare in Down the Rabbit Hole. Headlines with Travis. Doctor with Contrarian Views on Pandemic Policy Approach Gets License Suspended Ontario’s regulatory college for medical doctors has temporarily suspended the licence of Dr. Patrick […]

News & Talk with Chad and Travis. May 2.

Travis on the Rolling Thunder rally that ended, Crimes Against Humanity Tour, Trudeau stifles journalism, and Chad reveals black goo in the food supply. Headlines with Travis. In Ottawa, Rolling Thunder rally, police say it’s costing upwards of $3 million for policing, and they called in 800 reinforcements. Expecting more rallies in the future they […]