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Britain’s Radical Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 72 Passes The House of Lords Committee Stage


“Individuals could be stripped of their British citizenship without warning under a proposed rule change quietly added to the nationality and borders bill.”Haroon Siddique, Legal Affairs Correspondent, The Guardian, November 17 2021.

Priti Patel in parliament
Photo courtesy UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor/PA

A Bill to make provision about the police and other emergency workers;

  • to make provision about collaboration between authorities to prevent and reduce serious violence;
  • to make provision about offensive weapons homicide reviews;
  • to make provision for new offences and for the modification of existing offences;
  • to make provision about the powers of the police and other authorities for the purposes of preventing, detecting, investigating or prosecuting crime or investigating other matters;
  • to make provision about the maintenance of public order;
  • to make provision about the removal, storage and disposal of vehicles;
  • to make provision in connection with driving offences;
  • to make provision about cautions; to make provision about bail and remand;
  • to make provision about sentencing, detention, release, management and rehabilitation of offenders;
  • to make provision about secure 16 to 19 Academies;
  • to make provision for and in connection with procedures before courts and tribunals; and for connected purposes.

New bill quietly gives powers to remove British citizenship without notice

Clause added to nationality and borders bill also appears to allow Home Office to act retrospectively in some casesHaroon Siddique

The government’s back-door amendments to the policing bill are tyrannical. We should be on the streets in our millions

Jailed for 51 weeks for protesting? Britain is becoming a police state by stealthGeorge Monbiot

Readers respond to an article by George Monbiot about last-minute amendments to the bill, cracking down on the right to protest

This draconian policing bill must be fought tooth and nail

Check here for the status of the bill

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