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Executive Summary

notTV is a system for people to create great, meaningful media projects together. notTV is an online streaming media platform for independent artists and new media creators. notTV is Internet Television. It’s like TV, but it’s not TV.

notTV will launch as a single interactive television channel, except it won’t be launched on television. It will be launched exclusively on the Internet. The website http://not.tv/ delivers a television-like experience, worldwide, live and on-demand.

Currently, content creators are fending for themselves on various platforms like VHX.tv and Vimeo.com, or pitching their content to existing networks like Netflix or Amazon, with some creators still going the route of traditional broadcast television, which has a decline in audience numbers.

notTV content creators become members of a cooperative media pool and license their content under a perpetual worldwide electronic content license to the pool in exchange for 80% of the net profit (royalty) from notTV. Royalty is distributed to the members based on how many views their media receives. The remainder of profit is allocated to a public good fund (10%) and as a founder’s fee (10% until the year 2028, and 1% every month thereafter, in perpetuity) to the founding members and seed investors of notTV, on a monthly basis.

Cooperative members vote to decide how to distribute the public good fund, and also how to divide their royalty, with a portion going into a content development and production fund for cooperative members to apply for. See supporting document: Net Profit Distribution.

notTV hosts and streams digital media content, provides sponsorship and advertising opportunities, integrates shopping as a service, helps creators collaborate on new works of art, and increases the value of the media in the cooperative pool to deliver royalty returns and payouts for artists and creators that are higher than any other online distribution platform in the world. notTV has a variety of income streams, including viewer subscriptions and transactions between businesses and creators in the creation of commercials and advertising.

At the foundation of notTV are business systems designed to solve a variety of industry problems, first and foremost the problem of worldwide broadcast distribution. notTV’s licensing model makes it easy for content creators to license their content to the notTV cooperative media pool and choose when, where and how their content will be delivered to their audience. The notTV SaaS (Software as a Service) and mobile app enables creators to easily create, manage, review, and promote content while managing finances, credits and sponsorships.

Royalty from notTV is paid to the members of the cooperative media pool based on each second each viewer watches notTV. There is no highest bidder for advertising, and the content creators and viewers choose which advertisers are accepted into the community. Each business and brand needs to submit a business profile video, and is subject to the transparent and ethical journalism practices of notTV News and notTV’s web series called notNow, and the notTV podcast called notRadio, where our in-house news team may create an objective and unbiased business profile of sponsors and members.

Advertisers can advertise directly to consumers who do not have a premium, commercial free subscription. notTV facilitates a relationship between businesses and consumers (the audience). The audience has the power to choose which brands they see and customize their experience or choose when they watch commercials. Advertisers running ad campaigns only pay for their ad when it is played to a viewer. notTV also facilitates a relationship between sponsors and creators.

As notTV attracts more artists and content into the cooperative media pool new features will be released, including a channel creation system that allows artists to combine premium content into a “network” that viewers can subscribe to for an additional premium subscription fee.

notTV’s premiere “television” show is called notNow. notNow is a weekly news-entertainment magazine style show that features artists and creators in the notTV community through interviews, and a countdown of the top music videos, web-series, and short films. The mandate of notNow is to provide information and education for artists and to connect artists with their local community and their peers on notTV.