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The Business

Strengths and Weaknesses

notTV’s key strength is in its creative team. notTV has a highly creative group of talented individuals. Another important strength is the network of artists that have formed as Travis began researching and testing the notTV idea since 2008; nearly every artist Travis has talked to understands and appreciates the notTV vision and is interested in supporting the notTV vision or being involved in the project. notTV’s third strength is its brand. notTV has been building a brand identity with the NOT logo and “ping” the colourful symbol in the logo. Part of notTV’s brand strength is the ownership of the web domain not.tv. The “not” brand includes a podcast called notRadio, a news program (envisioned to become a not-for-profit charitable arm of notTV) called notNews, a variety show web series called notNow, and the currently undeveloped channel called notKids.

notTV’s weakness is its small management team and limited funds. notTV currently has one director, Travis Cross who is the acting CEO. notTV is currently seeking additional management and funding to continue operations. The management roles missing from the team is a Chief Technology Officer to oversee development of the website, and a CFO to help create and review the monthly budget. Currently, Travis Cross is the only developer on the project and our weakness is that Travis has more to manage than he has time for. Travis is managing the development of the website, the sales and marketing of the company, creating original content for notTV as a producer/director/cinematographer/editor, the financial management of the company, and working to maintain the vision of the company in a changing world which requires regular research and thinking time that is both creative and critical.

Legal Structure

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