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Slicing Pie: The concept of grunt funds

Many startups rely on bootstrapping and sweat equity because cash is often sparse at the beginning of the business venture. A unique solution to this common problem is found in the concept of Grunt Funds. Mike Moyer is an author, adjunct American professor of entrepreneurship at Northwestern University, adjunct professor at the University of Chicago […]

Matrix Synapse Launches Spaces

Spaces work as follows: You can designate specific rooms as ‘spaces’, which contain other rooms. You can have a nested hierarchy of spaces. You can rapidly navigate around that hierarchy using the new ‘space summary’ (aka space-nav) API – MSC2946. Spaces can be shared with other people publicly, or invite-only, or private for your own curation […]

MistServer has been acquired by Livepeer

“There could not be a more fitting team to work with, as Livepeer and DDVTech perfectly align in terms of philosophy and long-term goals. I’m looking forward to further growing both the MistServer product and the Livepeer brand in general, and bringing more exciting technologies to the open video infrastructure ecosystem. The resources and experience […]

The Wheel of Co-Creation 2.0

Episode 219 December 20, 2020 The Wheel of Co-Creation 2.0: Celebrating Barbara Marx Hubbard – The Promise Will Be Kept THIS WEEK’S EVOLUTIONARY LOVE CODE:“Reality is Eros. Reality is Desire, Allurement and Intimacy – the three great faces of Eros. You are a unique configuration of Eros, Desire, Intimacy and Allurement. Your deepest heart’s desire […]

Easily Create Beautiful Marketing Videos

A new online video creation service is available. This changes the video creation market. While it makes it easier for small businesses to create their own marketing videos, it challenges trained video professionals and storytellers to create more value in their service. If you want to check out the new service called Promo go to: https://slide.ly/promo […]

Facebook paid to have first-rights to series

Two companies said they were paid between $10,000 to $25,000 per episode for their shows. They’ll also receive 55 percent of the ad revenue while Facebook takes the rest. In a move that could be seen as a direct competitive move to YouTube, paid series have to debut episodes on Facebook, according to the publishers. […]

Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Google invest in Blockchain

Excerpt from Virgin.com: What we like is that the Blockchain team, run by co-founders Peter Smith and Nic Cary, have built a platform that will allow them to be the custodian of any digital assets should alternate use cases of blockchain technology reach critical mass. Read the full article: https://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/investing-blockchain Excerpt from CNBC: The investment comes […]

Potential Media Merger in the U.S.

This is big news… notTV is re-inventing local television on a global scale, starting with Canada. Meanwhile, in the United States  small Cable Operators have grave concerns over a potential merger between Sinclair Broadcast Group and Tribune Media which would give Sinclair an alleged dominance over the local TV marketplace. Here’s an excerpt of the article […]

Obtaining Music Synchronization Licenses

Check out this page for more information on obtaining licenses : http://www.harryfox.com/license_music/what_type_license.html To obtain a synchronization license to music in the Sony/ATV library go to: https://www.sonyatv.com/en/synch To obtain rights for a track that is not available for licensing through eSynch, you need to contact the publisher and sound recording owner directly. To locate publisher information, you can […]

Corporate Loan-Outs and Copyright Considerations

If your media company is hiring a creative individual through their loan-out company the following blog article is a beneficial source of information: Copyright Reversions and Loan-Out Corporations What this basically says is that if the producer is hiring someone through a loan-out corporation the producer needs to consider: “If the Composer is not an […]

Financial technology has permeated the whole planet and altered the face of business

Fintech (financial technology) is growing is by putting the power back in the hands of the user to recreate the industry says Michael Garrity the CEO of Financeit, “You see that happening now in lending, wealth management, even currency.” Source: Canada Does FinTech ‘Exceptionally Well,’ Huge Opportunities Remain, Canada Does FinTech ‘Exceptionally Well,’ Huge Opportunities […]

Local Matters

Radio profits in Canada increased last year. Probably the biggest reason for this success is that you play such a crucial role at the local level, serving your individual communities. You have a huge advantage in that your stations—and your program hosts—are trusted curators of local content. Listeners turn to you not only for music […]

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