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The Evolution of Television

The CRTC has influenced our viewing choices for a long time. It now recognizes that the masses are overtaking their influence and their approach to the broadcast industry must change if it is to survive. The Chairman of the CRTC gave a long speech on March 12, 2015 to The Canadian Club. Here are some […]

The State of Mobile Video 2015

Sharper screens, multicast, and phablets set the stage for the year ahead. As consumers watch more on mobile devices, how many subscriptions will they pay for? From new delivery technology to higher-resolution screens, the world of mobile video delivery changed forever in 2014. In the process, companies such as Apple and Samsung have left us […]

1 In 10 English Canadians No Longer Watch TV

Nearly one in 10 anglophone Canadians say they no longer watch any TV shows the old-fashioned way and only stream or download content online, according to a new study. In a telephone poll with 4,002 Canadians conducted late last year on behalf of the Media Technology Monitor, nine per cent of the respondents said they […]

Big TV decline due to streaming video

U.S. television viewership declined by 12 per cent in January compared to the same month a year earlier, the eighth consecutive double-digit drop, according to new data from ratings firm Nielsen. The main reason for the drop-off is that viewers are switching to streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video, say analysts Anthony […]

CRTC encourages innovative ways of presenting content for digital media

To encourage innovative ways of presenting content and the creation of compelling content for digital media, including Internet and mobile video services, the CRTC allows companies to provide exclusive content to their subscribers, as long as it is not created mainly for traditional television. On March 16, 2015 the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) […]

Online Film Distributor – Reelhouse

Vancouver digital film distributor Reelhouse has just unveiled a suite of new features for its platform, including flexible payment systems, improved product bundling, greater content control, and discount offers to special audience groups. In conversation with Cantech Letter, Reelhouse founder and CEO William Mainguy said, “We’re building our features to appeal to the majority of […]

Securing Canada’s Place in the Digital Future

In 2011, the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) undertook a study entitled Content Everywhere: Mapping the Digital Future for the Canadian Production Industry. The study focused on the US digital content industry and specifically, on changing and alternative outlets and models for financing and distributing content. In just under four years, the digital media environment […]

H.265 has arrived

HEVC (H.265) is not only the compression solution for UHD (ultra-high definition); it will also enable HD at under 3Mbps, enabling some telcos to deliver it even on their longest copper loops. Here Charles Cheevers, CTO for CPE at ARRIS, outlines the drivers for his company’s new HEVC IPTV set-tops, including the 30fps HEVC model […]

What is Ultraviolet?

The term, “ultraviolet authorized reseller” returns zero relevant search results on yahoo and three on google: http://www.uvdemystified.com/uvfaq.html https://www.uvvu.com/en/fr/where-to-get http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UltraViolet_%28system%29 The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem,[2] an alliance of 85 companies that includes film studios, retailers, consumer electronics manufacturers, cable TV companies, ISPs, network hosting vendors, and other Internet systems and security vendors, with the notable exceptions […]

The future of online movie distribution

Sept-Oct 2011 By Adrian Pennington Hollywood majors are embracing digital to a greater degree than ever before, moving towards an on-demand world to allow streaming, day and date released with a DVD release across a host of devices from PC, tablets and smart TVs, to game consoles. Unfortunately for studios, the revenue from VoD has […]