195 nations on Earth have signed a historic and comprehensive deal to address climate change

Source: OnEarth.org

BY Brian Palmer | @PalmerBrian
Well, that was easy. I mean, not that easy—there apparently was some late-night posturing and maybe even some shouting—but negotiators from 195 nations in Paris actually managed to hammer out a climate change deal. The agreement will incorporate the carbon reduction goals that each country proposed prior to the meeting, with a goal of keeping the global average mean temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius over the long term.


Source: Adbusters and billionpeoplemarch.org


Hey all you wild cats, dreamers and redeemers out there,

It’s been awhile since Occupy Wall Street came and went. Now the revolutionary spirit is stirring again. We’re building a global people’s power bloc – and it all begins with the #BILLIONPEOPLEMARCH.

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But #BILLIONPEOPLEMARCH is more than a moment — it’s a movement. Linked on the Internet, we’ll zero in on the biggest, most systemic world-changing metamemes that have the power to shift the global narrative towards a sane sustainable future . . . and then we’ll take to the streets again (and again) to push our ideas through.

2nd Annual Heaven on Earth Video Contest!

2nd Annual Heaven on Earth Video Contest!

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