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Obtaining Music Synchronization Licenses

Check out this page for more information on obtaining licenses : http://www.harryfox.com/license_music/what_type_license.html To obtain a synchronization license to music in the Sony/ATV library go to: https://www.sonyatv.com/en/synch To obtain rights for a track that is not available for licensing through eSynch, you need to contact the publisher and sound recording owner directly. To locate publisher information, you can […]

Corporate Loan-Outs and Copyright Considerations

If your media company is hiring a creative individual through their loan-out company the following blog article is a beneficial source of information: Copyright Reversions and Loan-Out Corporations What this basically says is that if the producer is hiring someone through a loan-out corporation the producer needs to consider: “If the Composer is not an […]

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