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What is notTV?

What is notTV? notTV is a grassroots project. It’s a contemporary, dynamic media streaming platform designed within a cooperative framework. This platform is exciting and offers a unique experience for viewers, sponsors of products and services, and content creators. The development of notTV has been a slow and steady journey. The initial exposure will start […]

The Trouble With Netflix

Source: Beet.TV Featuring Ashley Swartz, principal of the New York digital consultancy Furious Minds, and former head of the interactive television practice at Digitas. Here are some notable quotes from the video: @5:51: “Change is afoot and we all need to get ready for it, the question is how, and I think one of the […]

A work in progress…

The convergence of telecommunications, computing and the media. This is not TV. The business model we use moving forward creates an all access platform for creators, sponsors and the audience to come together harmoniously. This is a cooperative model and design moderated by the creators. Language is an important tool in the development of this […]

YouTube First to break the mold

The following show has been funded by YouTube. It is the first successful web-original, full length, broadcast quality series supported by commercials. There will be much more to come now as broadcast quality content transitions more rapidly into Internet “new media” programming. YouTube has now presented itself as a creator of content putting it in […]

Back in the Saddle

The NotTV project is getting a fresh start for 2012. Looking back over the past 4 years of research and design a great deal of insight has been gained into the online media community. The foundation is being poured and at the heart of the project we have NotMedia (parent). NotTV is in development and […]

NotTV Seeks Investment

The term revolutionary may be thrown around somewhat arbitrarily, but in this case it’s warranted. NotTV is the brainchild of Travis Cross’s 3-year reverie into a New Media utopia. The research and development resulted in hundreds of pages of dishevelled notes, drawings and musings leading to several breakthrough proprietary Internet business concepts, mostly in the form […]

What is NotTV?

NotTV is exactly that – it’s NotTV. But the name is actually a play on words because it’s essentially a recreation of television for the Internet and the Internet is definitely not TV. The concept of new media is still so new that there may be some confusion around what Internet television is, or could […]

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