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Online TV: Is six minutes the new half hour?

New rules: the “mid-form” So, in this brave new world, what story length should new creators be writing to? To illustrate, let’s take one format and see how it is evolving: the sitcom. All of us brought up in the era of the 30-minute sitcom have suddenly gained new freedom. What are the new rules? […]

SHORTS: Wednesday March 9, 2011

SHORTS There are 5 videos embeded in this player. Watch Full Screen and Press Left-Right to change Video. [pro-player width=”452″ height=”300″],,,,[/pro-player] Videos: Things Fall Apart – Rob Chiu, Motion Designer “Unbound” Short Film HD Experimental Drama InBloom “The Ark” by Grzegorz Jonkajtys and Marcin Kobylecki The Death Grind