NotTV gains momentum in Kelowna, British Columbia

The journey of NotTV has been a long one, officially kicking off late one evening in Vancouver,  British Columbia,  Canada. Back in 2008 Comedian Brett Martin coined the name notTV to describe the Internet platform that Travis Cross was designing. The Website for independent artists to distribute their work on is intended to create a sustainable revenue model for artists and creators who choose to work professionally in the world of new media.

In 2015, the project shifted to Kelowna,  BC where the pilot program began development. is a news magazine and variety show that will showcase works of art from artists and creators in the notTV community.

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The Wheel of Co-Creation

This diagram has been a guide for the design and development of the NotTV project and The intention is for to move forward as a hub for the Media & Communications sector of society, and then to assist the other sectors in building their hubs.

The following quote was borrowed from the website Peace Pentagon Hub:

When the Wheel of Co-creation is fully activated, we will see the new world that is already arising in our midst. It will offer us a coherent picture of humanity as well as our whole planetary system as a living organism. It will tell us where the problems are, who is working to solve them, and where we can find the needed innovations – all organic elements of a living, holistic system of relationships. It will provide the “new” news of who we are becoming in such a way as to continually activate our potential to participate.

~ Barbara Marx Hubbard

Coming Soon

We’re hard at work here behind the scenes, getting things ready to happen for This project intends to create value by regularly staying on top of stories that empower and uplift.

Ongoing topics will also include the new paradigm and how the new Internet economy actually works, as we shift into a world of harmonious thriving abundance.

It’s time to leave the old world behind and create the stories we want to see.

This is a collaborative effort and a cooperative project.

Stay tuned.

Pay-Television Definition

Pay television, premium television, or premium channels refer to subscription-based television services, usually provided by both analog and digital cable and satellite television, but also increasingly via digital terrestrial and internet television. Subscription television began in the multi-channel transition and transitioned into the post-network era.[1] Some parts of the world, notably in France and the United States, have also offered encrypted analog terrestrial signals available for subscription.


The Best Way to Keep Founders Around After an Acquisition

Someone founds a company because they want to be a leader, not a follower. Entrepreneurs have a difficult time when the acquiring company tries telling them how to run the business they have created and grown.

When the acquiring company is successful at getting the founder to stick around, it’s typically because they’ve learned to give their founders the latitude to run their startup as an independent unit within the business. You’ll hear these founders say, “I work for Marc [Benioff]” or “I work for Jeff [Bezos]” rather than “I work for Salesforce” or “I work for Amazon.”

In this case the startup founders get direct access to the CEOs. Nothing changes for the startup except who owns the company.

Source: TechVibes