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Chiropractor Interview and Walk Out Wednesdays.


Brian Edgar, Storm Ryder News, reporting for notTV live from Blanchard Street in Victoria, BC by the office of Bonnie Henry, Chief Public Health Officer, BC.

Brian interviews Dr. Norm Detillieux, Chiropractor in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Dr. Bonnie Henry new orders. Nov. 19.2020 - The Rocky Mountain Goat
Dr. Bonnie Henry

Bonnie Henry announced that all regulated health professionals must report their vaccination status by March 24. Detillileux is worried about where that information might go. He says 25% of Canadians feel the unvaccinated should be in jail.

Canada has federal health laws that protect personal health information as well as the charter of rights and freedoms that protect that information.

“It’s government overreach yet again,” says Detillieux, “It’s putting us in a dangerous situation.”

Detillieux plans to close his practice on Wednesdays for the foreseeable future to be outside Bonnie Henry’s office.

Canada Health Alliance is supporting the movement.

They are going to open up “Walk Out Wednesdays” across Canada.

Dr. Norm Detillieux

We’re not stopping until we get back all our our freedoms, all the mandates are done, and people who have lost their jobs are reinstated with their jobs with back pay, and we have a full restoration of our Canadian rights and freedoms, and we ensure that this never happens again and we want to see all the bad players removed from office.

Norm Detillieux

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