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Chris from Whistlestop Cafe in downtown Ottawa


Chris Scott, owner/operator of the Whistlestop Cafe, is doing his best to “follow the science”, a request made by the Judge who sentenced him for a breaking the mandate of keeping his business open. Chris is an average guy from Mirror, Alberta in Ottawa this week to do his part in the Freedom Convoy 2022 to make an impact and keep the dialogue open. He is not a journalist or reporter and is not with a media company.

I’ve never done this. I am not an activist. I’ve never been involved in protests. This is all new to me…I am just an average guy who does average things looking for information.

Chris Scott
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In order to understand “the science” Chris reached out to a number of doctors like Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Dr. Peter McCullogh, Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Dennis Modray, and more. He also talked with the Honourable Brian Peckford. See a previous post HERE.

The Fact Checkers don’t like what Chris has to say.

Mainstream media almost got it right. They were reporting on it (the truck convoy) because they have to…it’s embarrassing to miss something this big.

Chris Scott

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