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CryptoTribe LIVE 12/02/2021


Shillit.App launched from Beta to 1.0 this week! We are celebrating the Wins as we help our community safely launch into the CryptoVerse. We talked about the mothership, Thrive Tribes and The ThrivEvolution. The Revolution, Thrive Style.
New Thrivers joined us and like we hear so much share with us that, “I’ve been waiting for you guys(and gals of course)”
When ChangeMakers come together Magic happens and in the blockchain space this innovation helps us to scale change in ways we never dreamed possible.
We touched on Blockchain for Women and the thrivetribehub.com, our new social app in beta that will help us to Collaborate amongst the tribes, soon to have its own app and some sweet bells and whistles.
It never ceases to amaze us the glorious people that are converging for the Global ChangeMaker Alliance and the upcoming Future of Freedom Summit with Crypto fuelling it!!
Crypto for ChangeMakers moves the wealth into the hands of the planetary stewards. It s not about the money, money is simply energy. It’s about what we can do with it as a community that’s exciting.
#thrivemovement #thrivevolution #thrivetribes



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