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Doctors on Tour on urgent mission in Sorrento, BC


Long term physicians speak to small town crowd in Sorrento, BC (Dec 14) about the dangers of the COVID vaccines.

Doctors on Tour are banned from speaking within the medical establishment about their first hand patient experiences with COVID-19 and the vaccine. As a result, these doctors feel an urgent moral duty to get their message out.

Canada’s decision to vaccinate children 5 to 11 years old (the future of Canada) propelled them on this mission. With children being injected daily and the injection plan to soon vaccinate six month old babies, the doctors are driven to educate as many people as possible so that they can make an informed choice.

Dr. Charles HoffeLytton, BC, Family Physician

Dr. Hoffe, (31 year career in the medical field) was terminated from his 28 year position in Lytton, BC for speaking out against the COVID-19 vaccine.

Lies by the public health media include:

  • COVID is a risk to everyone. It is not a risk to all groups. The average age of COVID deaths in Canada is 83 and the median age is 85. Like the flu, this is a disease of the frail elderly. Children have a far lower chance of dying from COVID than they do from the flu and the COVID shot is a hundred times more dangerous to children than COVID is.

  • We are told that the risk of Myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle) is low and is rare. Blood tests after the COVID shot shows 1 in 300 teenage children have elevated Troponin levels which shows damage to heart muscle. Heart muscle cannot be repaired. There is no such thing as mild Myocarditis.

  • There is no treatment for COVID. This is not true. The single most effective treatment is Ivermectin, an anti viral medication. It literally stops the virus from getting into your cells, works as inflammatory and is one of the safest medications known to man. It has been used all over the world for almost 40 years. Like many other drugs on the market, it is used in both livestock and humans.

    Why have the authorities put out so much misinformation on safe and effective treatments for COVID like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquin?

    For the authorities to mandate or recommend the use of an experimental product that is not approved by Health Canada there has to be a very dangerous emergency for which there is no other treatment. So the reason they won’t acknowledge the use of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine is because if they acknowledged how safe and effective they are they wouldn’t be able to roll out the vaccines. It would be against the law. So, just follow the money.

Ivermectin needs to be combined with Vitamins D, C, and Zinc. The best website to find more information is the FLCCC.

A child’s risk of being hospitalized with COVID is 1 in 100,000. A child’s risk of dying from COVID is 1 in a million. There has not been one death from COVID in anyone under the age of 19 in BC since the pandemic began.

Why is the Ombudsman of BC not fighting for the people? That’s a political question.  However, Justin Trudeau has announced he will give out a billion dollars to any province that will push these vaccines. Coaches of sports teams are paid $10,000 each to make sure that children under their charge get vaccinated. First Nations group leaders are being paid to encourage their people to get vaccinated. This is bribery; people are being paid to push the shots.

In 2020 there were no confirmed cases of the flu in BC or AB. This is because the flu shows up on the PCR tests and are reported as COVID. Normally, 8,000 people die from the flu in Canada every year and they are all the frail elderly, the same as with COVID. A PCR test done on someone with no symptoms is 97% false positive. The PCR tests are used to drive the narrative of fear.  All the government needs to do to have more cases and terrify people is do more PCR tests.

Doctors like Dr. Hoffe who try to warn people are being punished while other people are getting payouts. There is blood on their hands.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons warn doctors that they are not allowed to question public health policy, thus censoring doctors from question the safety of a new experimental treatment. In addition, vaccine injuries (VAERS) are under reported. The message to the public of BC is they need to get their information on COVID from reliable sources.

“You need to decide who those reliable sources are. I don’t think it’s coming through your television set.”

Why are the Amish not affected by COVID? Because they don’t have TVs.

The real pandemic is fear of the virus which has progressed to fear of the unvaccinated. People become paralyzed with fear. The only way past fear is action. Turn off the TV.

Dr. Rachel Maurice – Anesthesiologist, Kamloops, BC

Dr. Maurice, filling in for Dr. Daniel Nagase, decided to push past any fear of speaking in public because, she says, we have enough fear in the world right now. Speaking from her heart she hopes to give inspiration and model courage to help people gain strength. People tend to do what they see. She speaks with honesty and compassion as she shares about her own children. Our children are going to be our world.

Dr. Chris Schaefer – Respiratory Specialist, AB

When people wear a closed cover over their mouth and nose, which means they are inhaling and exhaling from the exact same part, that is a breathing barrier. It causes hypoxia which creates insufficient oxygen in the blood. It also causes hypercapnia which is excessively high toxic carbon dioxide in the body. These two together can cause very serious health effects. Respirators and masks are designed for breathing and comfort so you can breath effortlessly. If something on your face is causing you to breathe more strenuously then you should take it off.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse, Family Doctor, Denman Island, BC

At the beginning of this pandemic, doctors thought there was a tsunami of death coming. But when they looked at the statistics, they saw there was no pandemic. The all-cause mortality in Canada was no different from previous years. This caused some doctors to question what was going on. They looked at deaths: BC had zero deaths in 2021 in children under the age of 20. There were 14 or 15 deaths in all of Canada that died with a positive PCR test. But the PCR test is fraudulent because the cycles used are so high that almost everyone will test positive; it’s not reliable.

Doctors continue to be discouraged, or banned, from prescribing alternative treatments for COVID. For example, Dr. Daniel Nagase prescribed Ivermectin for two patients in their 70s with COVID. They quickly improved but he was removed from his job as Emergency Room Physician. Studies show that in cases where Ivermectin was used it was 100% effective and stopped COVID in varying degrees. So, we have early treatment. Why didn’t Public Health tell the public about this? Why are they going after the kids? They are currently working on rolling it out to 6 month old babies. Why?

The children are not going to make Grandma or Grandpa sick. The safest place to be is as a teacher in a kindergarten class. A Sweden study shows that ICU admissions for teachers is the least of all professions because they are hanging around with kids who never pass it to them and rarely pass it to other children. Our children are not in danger. There are no lingering problems in children who catch COVID.

Q&A in the second half of the video brings up a range of important information.

There is a great deal of expert information in this video. It’s an excellent source to become informed before taking any shots or boosters.

Drs. Charles Hoffe and Stephen Malthouse


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