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Easily Create Beautiful Marketing Videos


A new online video creation service is available. This changes the video creation market. While it makes it easier for small businesses to create their own marketing videos, it challenges trained video professionals and storytellers to create more value in their service.

If you want to check out the new service called Promo go to: https://slide.ly/promo
The service includes footage, music and easy to use editor,just add your message and a logo!

What are videographers, video editors and storytellers for?

To help you create custom educational, entertaining and informative videos to truly engage, empower and create value for your audience!

We live in an age where cheap quality videos are available, but they are simple. Remember to get to the point. Make your marketing video 6 seconds, any longer and you’ve lost the audience.

Do you want to engage the audience with a story, teach them a new skill or provide some valuable information?

Contact notTV
to hire a LOCAL storytelling team
and watch your community thrive.


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