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These are some commonly asked questions about our project.

What is notTV?

notTV is a start-up cooperative video streaming service and a source for positive and meaningful community-based media. Made by professional independent film and television producers for Canadian digital media creators, notTV offers a different experience than Netflix, YouTube, or existing community news networks.

notTV differs from these platforms in six essential ways:

  • Content on notTV is filtered based on quality.
  • notTV’s primary format is the curated content stream, similar to traditional TV. (Subscriptions for video on demand are by donation).
  • notTV is built around locality. Channels are community-based (for example, notTV Kelowna), and they highlight people and place.
  • Each local notTV channel unites its creators through a weekly web series called notNow.
  • notTV is cooperative. As soon as it is self-sustaining, money will be distributed to contributing artists as royalties.
  • 10% of notTV’s profits go to a public good fund and are distributed to charities and non-profits.

Essentially, notTV curates #MediaForABetterWorld and creates local news-entertainment shows for audiences.

For additional information, read notTV’s Vision.

Why notTV?

Many people feel that an alternative to mainstream media has long been needed. The content on some traditional TV is often negative, violent, and hedonistic. And as they say: “garbage in, garbage out.”

notTV is that alternative.

It’s a solution to the problems of:

  • fear-based media
  • a lack of sustainable distribution choices for independent media creators
  • limited affordable advertising options for small-medium businesses
  • difficulty staying connected and informed in our communities
  • a culture at risk of losing the wisdom of the ages

notTV curates intentionally created media with a focus on constructive and transformational stories that transcend traditional genres and themes. It cuts through the noise by bringing independent digital media artists together through a cooperative business model that rewards creators with revenues.

What will notTV offer?

notTV is works to continuously brainstorm more ways to better serve the community, but we figured we’d share a few of our efforts we are very excited about:

Positive, wholesome and inspirational media

notTV will curate content in two forms: streaming channels and an on-demand video library. Media types will range from feature films to news to one-off educational videos.

A model for a weekly news-entertainment show that can be adopted by any community

notTV is testing in its hometown of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. By developing a model that can be easily replicated, notTV will empower local digital media creators to bring their communities together through positive and inspirational media no matter where that community may be — and to distribute their content on the notTV platform!

A commercial directory of “conscious” businesses

#shoplocal follows naturally from #thinklocal. Viewers will be able to search for products or services by clicking through commercials that interest them — and they will know that the businesses they’re buying from have the good of the planet in mind.

Cast and crew listings

All of this content has to come from somewhere! notTV will maintain cast and crew listings that allow digital media creators to connect with each other for the purposes of creating content.

Because we believe that community makes the world a better place, all content will be viewable by location, and notTV will empower digital media creators to lead their communities along the path to a better tomorrow.

What does it mean that notTV is a cooperative?

notTV will be owned and operated by its members. It will have a Board of Directors as well as Member Delegates. Delegates will represent the members at notTV meetings and in decision-making processes; so, notTV is basically a democratic entity in which every member has a say on how things go.

notTV as a Cooperative Corporation

“A cooperative allows a community to come together and raise funds to provide the necessary goods or services that are not otherwise available” — source: http://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/cooperative-corporation

Cooperatives are businesses that have traditionally been established to respond to situations where market forces in a given industry have failed to serve a particular community; in this case, independent media creators who do not receive television distribution licenses for their work. These producers are undervalued and under-supported by platforms like YouTube, and other platforms do not allow them to effectively reach their audience (e.g., Vimeo, VHX.tv, Dailymotion). These same producers find it difficult or unfeasible to distribute their content on platforms like Netflix or Amazon. And this is where notTV comes in.

Cooperative Principles

The hub of the global cooperative movement — the International Cooperative Alliance — has accepted seven principles that guide all cooperative organizations:

  • Voluntary and open membership
  • Democratic member control
  • Member economic participation
  • Autonomy and independence
  • Education, training and information
  • Cooperation among cooperatives
  • Concern for community

A one-person/one-vote system of control by members helps to ensure that all participating people in the community feel that they have an equal voice in the cooperative.

Click HERE for a brief history of cooperatives.

When will notTV launch?

notTV is in the process of building a minimum viable product (MVP). Development and testing will take place throughout 2022. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of our progress. More information will be released through the newsletter.

What will notTV look like?

notTV will literally be online television. When you’re watching, it will look similar to Netflix, but with a playlist on the side so you can skip between programs. If you’re watching a free, streaming channel, you will be able to skip back to anything that has played in the last 72 hours. If you are a notTV subscriber, you will be able to browse our library and choose what to watch, just like on Netflix.

How will notTV sustain itself?

notTV’s financial plan is built on the following:

  • Subscriptions from viewers in exchange for premium, super premium and on-demand video content.
  • Commercial directory listings (featuring businesses that align with notTV’s values)
  • Sponsorships of notTV’s original programming.
  • Advertising campaigns from businesses in our commercial directory.

Where can I donate to help notTV?

We are not accepting donations. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear when we announce our membership packages. Click HERE for notTV investment opportunities. Our sponsorship packages are in development.

Will notTV create content?

notTV is developing a template for a weekly news-entertainment show called notNow, and a podcast called notRadio. We will launch a prototype in the city where we’re headquartered — Kelowna, British Columbia. As we develop these programs, we will document our process to empower other communities to create their own weekly content in the notTV format.

To watch our already released content, visit our YouTube page.

As we continue development on this project, our team will share the journey through our social media channels:

How will artists and "creators" make money on notTV?

At notTV, artists are considered “creators,” and are able to upload content and add to their creator profiles with information about their artistry.

How much each creator makes will depend on how many views their content gets. Donations will be collected on a monthly basis from viewers who want to watch video on demand. Money will be distributed back to artists and creators as royalties in exchange for their content. Creators will be rewarded based on the success of notTV as a whole, rather than at a flat payout fee. This is because the more the company makes, the more money will be in the cooperative’s cash pool. Also, creators will be able to vote on how royalties are paid (see below — the sections on cooperatives).

notTV will help build relationships between sponsors and content creators by making it easy for like-minded businesses and artists to find each other and share an audience.

Will I have the opportunity to advertise on notTV?

Businesses that have the good of the planet in mind (or, “conscious” businesses) will be permitted to advertise on notTV. Show sponsorships and advertising campaigns are two of the ways in which notTV will generate income.

Will I have to pay to view notTV?

Our premiere streaming channel will be free with a 72-hour lookback (like PVR), and we plan to have multiple channels.

Full on-demand access to notTV’s content library will be accessible by subscription in exchange for a donation.