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From Australia: “More People Must Wake Up Now!”


‘Tilly Cat’ describes first hand Australia’s dire situation, catastrophic weather, smart cities, wellness camps, and the urgency for everyone to wake up now.

Tilly Cat

This is an urgent and must watch message from Australia. The agenda is moving rapidly now and it is time for more people to wake up.

Extreme weather of epic proportions is imminent. Wellness camp facilities are in place and the intended use for them is not good.

Wellcamp quarantine hub near Toowoomba to take travellers by year’s end

The Wellcamp quarantine facility is on track to have 500 beds operational by the end of December. (Supplied: Queensland Government)

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The agenda is to transition Australia to SMART cities. Behind the planning is the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab.

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Commonwealth countries are targeted with Australia being the testing ground. If the plan succeeds there, then it will be rolled out through the rest of the world with Canada trailing behind Australia.

The people are the majority only IF enough people get off the fence, wake up and make a difference.

Australia is out of time and more people must wake up now.

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