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Interview with Common Law Expert on Use of Law on PM


Sean with the SGT Report interviews Christopher James, A Warrior Calls about how and why Justin Trudeau and his globalist friends need to be arrested for genocide.

This is an interesting and informative video.

In brief:

  • Christopher James explains how to use Common Law against politicians for genocide
  • A wall street whistle blower
  • Moderna’s stock is down 70%
  • Pfizer is down 19% (“money talks, BS walks”), and more.

Sean says, “Pfizer is caught and they know it. Pfizer has been caught for this fraud and, what is now apparent to everybody, genocide…and I can’t wait for the people to know it.”

His (Justin Trudeau) father first sold us out in 1973 relinquishing the people’s property which is the patents for the creation of money and he gave it to the business of international settlements. His son has followed up with the final death kernel attempting to take this country down but unfortunately through his ignorance, his hubris, this man is finished.

Christopher James

“He is going to be brought into a court of law and he is going to be held accountable for gross treason the people of this world. Genocide.” Christopher James.

Christopher James has studied Common Law for over 20 years. He holds online broadcasts on Mondays and Thursdays at 8:00 pm EST to teach others what he has learned. He encourages others to use common law instead of the traditional legal system.

To join Christopher James’s live broadcasts go to: bit.ly/awclivefeed

Watch a series of short videos about Common Law HERE.

For Christopher James’s evidence and past videos go to: bit.ly/awcevidence.

For more SGT videos on Trudeau and others go HERE.

Christopher James

“It’s peaceful, lawful, powerful, and it’s going to bring forth a truth that this world has needed for a long time and we are going to get this one.”

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