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Interview with Tom Hickin, The School, Warwickshire


So many of you wanted to know more about this post👇 and here I am interviewing the man behind it – Tom Hickin.
Last nights telegram open talk on The School Channel was absolutely unreal…. 🤯🤯🤯
We have an awakened pharmacist/GP setting up a network of nurses doctors and GPs all over the United Kingdom. We will be pursuing to allocate doctors and nurses into The Schools that are being created.
We have an absolute hero fighting within the children’s education system against the corruption and the blatant sexualisation of our children who is very clued up on the systems in place.
We have many many amazing souls setting up these new schools all across the country.
We have multiple beautiful souls who wish to help build/set these schools up and teach.
We have one crypto guru so far and will have another on board next week specialising in blockchain investment.
We have so many interesting souls from all walks of life willing TO ACT NOW rather than just talking, so if you wish to jump on this and actually DO SOMETHING rather than living in hope posting shite on Facebook and talking, then join The School Channel today. The live rising will be every Wednesday at 8pm 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Next week we have two souls highly educated in law that are going to help all of us with the affidavit. This will put an end to anyone with worry or doubt of legality with what we are creating for the future.
By next Wednesday I should have broken down the country into districts so we can start forming groups of people who actively want to make a difference and build a better world.
The army is rising ⚔👑⚔
Join Tom’s Telegram Channel here: https://t.me/theschoolwarwickshire


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