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We currently have 1 seat available for an angel investor.

notTV has been established using a grunt fund, a concept created by Mike Moyer, author of Slicing Pie. This page will be updated with details about the notTV Grunt Fund and what your return on investment will be.

Everyone who contributes (time, money, resources or intellectual property) to the notTV grunt fund is considered a notTV Founder. The grunt fund gets paid out through a founder’s fee where the notTV Cooperative will pay out a percentage of net profit on a schedule, plus 1% of net profit in perpetuity (which means ongoing, until the end of time). The grunt fund is made up of hours contributed by people working on the notTV project, cash invested into notTV and resources rented to notTV.

Invest in notTV today!

notTV’s investment opportunity is available to any one of the following eligible investors:

  • directors, officers, employees and consultants of notTV
  • family members of the directors and officers of notTV
  • close personal friends or close business associates of the directors or officers of notTV
  • accredited investors
  • a corporation ($150,000 investment)

Please contact Travis Cross at +1 (778) 363-1411 for more information.

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