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Juan Pablo Barahona | Embodying Abundance for Spiritual Ascension


On todays episode of “The Modern Alchemist” podcast we have an interview with Juan Pablo Barahona talking to us about how we can start Embodying Abundance for Spiritual Ascension.
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In this episode of The Modern Alchemist we speak with Juan Pablo Barahona about how we can start embodying abundance for the upcoming spiritual ascension.

Juan is a transformational leader, speaker, visionary, holistic yoga teacher, healer and coach. As the founder and director of Kawoq Conscious Living School and Juanpa Global, he has created life changing programs that are globally recognized and shared. These programs enable participants to realize their deepest potential and step into their inner wisdom and infinite power.

Juan Pablo is a firm believer of Embodying Quantum Health by using the power of meditation to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit every day

To find out more about Juan Pablo Barahone click here: https://juanpablobarahona.com

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