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Know yours and your childrens rights


We had an amazing round table discussion. Many parents are concerned about certain “medical procedures” that are being pushed through schools.

And that parents are effectively being cut out of the equation with children as young as 12 now, apparently being seen as capable of making a decision of this magnitude and that parental consent is now, apparently, irrelevant.

There a lot of parents who would like to remove their children from the school system, but are unable to, so we held a discussion to give parents an idea of what tools are at their disposal to decline these procedures.

Please feel free to watch the video and if you would like access to the resources we are talking about, you can find them here https://www.facebook.com/groups/freedomfamiliesglobal/learning_content/?filter=928778324407025
If you are unable to see the content, it may be that you are not a member of Freedom Families. You can join here Freedom Families.


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