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Lee Harris: December 2021 Energy Update


Hi everyone,

The December #EnergyUpdate has arrived! Many themes came through this month. A few that will be coming up are:

A Rising Fire Energy that will show up in us as a people, and in our world.

✨ A Deep Remembering of Our #AncientPower, what that means, what that will look like.

✨ Breaks and Cutting Ties and Sharp Turns or Sharp Endings showing up in many people’s personal lives and last, but not least,

✨ The Gifts of Magic and Magic of the Heart coming online in a bigger way.

Many more themes we’ll talk about, so watch the full Energy Update for all the details. Have a wonderful month and remember to look after yourselves, this and every month.

Big love,

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▶️ December Themes:

(00:00) – Intro
(02:57) – Fire energy rising – begins in December and will continue.
(07:54) – Breaks/Tie Cutting/Sharp Turns and surprises – clearing the way for the new
(12:06) – Deep Remembering of our Ancient Power
(14:01) – The land energy will rise – be with and in nature to feel it.
(16:43) – Shedding the childhood self/fears in order to reclaim the spark of your soul
(21:21) – The gifts of magic and magic of the heart happening to you (or from you)
(24:33) – Heart and Presence Awareness is Deepening


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