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Liberty Talk Canada. Why is David Fisman Hiding?


Attention Canada’s David Fisman. Why Are You Hiding From Other Scientists And Doctors?

Liberty Talk Canada Episode-David Fisman creates with great effort an “embarrassing to read “scientific statement (according to others in the medical community) that the unvaxed put the vaxed in danger in Canada. He has been asked for a scientific debate by others in the science/medical community who want to show him his charts are ridiculous and fraudulent. He has even been asked to “name his price” for his time to do this scientific evidence based debate. Others are accusing FISMAN of being the biggest disinformation outlet so as to help Trudeau’s agenda. He refuses to debate and is hiding from the debate, even though he was asked to “name his cost” for his time. This info needs to be outed to everyone in Canada and the US. The media got into bed with this ridiculous faux math chart, to come after informed Canadian’s once again. Trudeau is feeling the HEAT to end the travel ban on the unvaxxed so needed help from someone who was MORE than willing to help out. Fisman provided a faux disgusting propaganda assault with a lot of help from the mainstream news against the pure bloods, as a last ditch attempt to give the Canadian criminal Prime Minister a boost to his fading credibilty.

head and shoulders picture of Odessa Orlewicz of Liberty Talk Canada.
Odessa Orlewicz

Cover Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

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