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March 2022 Energy Update


**Please Note: This Energy Update was recorded on February 22nd in order to get it processed in time for today’s release. Obviously, the tragic situation in Ukraine has unfolded in the interim which is why that conflict is not specifically addressed in this video. Sending love to all of you wherever you may be in the world.**

Hi everyone,

The March Energy Update has arrived!

A few of the themes that we will look at in detail for this month are:

-Creative Pregnancy Abounds,

-Global Stress and Exhaustion and what it’s leading us to in this next phase,

-Major Timeline Healing – people moving through all kinds of different past life, present life healings. And last but not least,

-The Fire and Change Energy of These Times and How to Navigate Them.

Watch the full update for discussion of these and much more.

Big love,

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0:01 – INTRO
2:41 – THE FIRE + CHANGE ENERGY OF THESE TIMES – it’s an energetic storm right now
7:33 – EXPRESSION UNLEASHED – Revolutionary and change energy continues to be on the rise
11:59 – MAJOR TIMELINE HEALING – Allow your feelings in an all new way
17:09 – MOMENT TO MOMENT, ALLOW PEACE – This is where the power lies.
20:12 – CREATIVE PREGNANCY ABOUNDS – protect it, nurture it, be with it and let it change in form
23:41 – GLOBAL STRESS/EXHAUSTION – so it’s vital to remember to SELF-CARE
27:40 – COMMUNITY IS KEY – Communities old and new are strengthening and forming now


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