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Mattias Desmet on Our Grave Situation


Dr. Mattias Desmet, Professor, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Department of Psycho-analysis and clinical consulting, Ghent University, Belgium, believes that subjective experience is the most central aspect of the human being. While mainstream news talks about the science of COVID Desmet talks about the psychology of COVID. He draws on his in-depth study of the psychology of totalitarianism to formulate how we win the current psychological warfare attack we find ourselves under in 2021. He succinctly explains how we arrived at where we are now via current events by making the connection to past historical events. This is referred to as “Mass Formation” aka Mass Psychosis.

For the last eighteen months, since the lunacy over the Wuhan virus officially began, I’ve not heard a single person address — let alone address insightfully — the one thing above all others which for me, from right off, was the total giveaway to this entire deadly farce. There were in fact two things very early on that couldn’t be reconciled — the most immediate of which was the instant calculation by the powers-that-be of fatality rates before anything close to widespread testing had been done. This remains one of the truest giveaways: you cannot calculate fatality rates before you know infection rates, and you cannot know infection rates before widespread testing.


Have the risks ever been more dire? It takes just a few brave, courageous souls willing to be vulnerable, stand apart from the masses, and voice their disagreement to guide us away from that cliff of dark totalitarianism; a cliff that we now teeter on and one that history warns of. Have we learned nothing from our past?

The path of totalitarianism inevitably leads to mass casualties and atrocities. We have seen it again and again throughout history in distant and recent past. At some point, all totalitarian systems end in their own destruction. If we are to win this war, Desmot’s thoughts, shared by others, that it doesn’t have to be this way and we can do better, need to materialize into action from the thought plane. He, like others, feels an urgent growing need to act in order to avoid a future of atrocities and the complete destruction of our way of life, which is getting dangerously close. The obstacle that confronts us is the individual who is caught up in the Mass Formation event; they simply cannot see the bigger picture and the consequences of their actions. Collectively, these individuals create a force. If a large enough number of those individuals can shift to the ‘awakened’ group it can become a force to be reckoned with.

The individual that Desmet speaks of behaves very much like a hypnotized person would. One whose field of vision is constricted to focus on one threat, or risk, that they have been programmed to believe is the most dangerous singular threat that they must conquer. Thus all of their attention and energy are focused there. Nothing else matters. Logic is no longer recognized as being relevant. Desmet says, “The real reason why people buy into the story, even if it is utterly absurd, is not because they believe in the narrative, it is because the narrative leads to the new social bond.”

At some point their rage is shifted from that singular enemy (manifested as Covid today) to something more specific. This could be a neighbour, unvaccinated people, immigrants perceived to steal their jobs, or, those who aren’t serious about Climate Change, to name a few.

This transference, or misplaced focus, sets us down a path to repeat some of the inhumane and devastating periods of human history.

Here we are again. The integrity of each one of us demands that we do what we can to stop our progression down that path. In this video, Our Grave Situation, Dr. Desmet gives us hope and tells us what we can do. He comments, “If you look historically…it was exactly at the moment that the opposition was silenced in a public space, that there was no dissonant voice anymore in the public space, that the totalitarian states started to commit their absurd atrocities. That happened in 1930 in the Soviet Union and around 1935 in Nazi Germany and at that moment the opposition was completely silenced, was completely erased in the public space and at that moment the system really turned absurd. For instance in the Soviet Union Stalin started to kill no matter who…he killed fifty percent of his own party members who usually hadn’t done anything wrong.”

We must never resort to violence, but rather peaceful non compliance. We must be courageous and speak up. We must hold everyone with compassion. To all who feel this message in their soul: speak up, stand firm and strong. Each. And. Every. One. Of Us. Our future depends on it.

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