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NEW SERIES: Headwind – Dr. Robert W. Malone

Headwind Episode Poster featuring Dr. Robert W. Malone

Watch free until April 23, the first episode of a new docuseries featuring Dr. Robert W. Malone. Headwind, produced by Epoch Cinema is available here.

This is the story of the greatest experiment ever performed on human beings. In a beautiful setting, far away from the bustle of daily life, brave scientists reveal the true facts of the coronavirus and how the government and the media colluded to prevent you from knowing the truth. 

“I am the science,” said Dr. Fauci. But is he? 
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor to the President, has colluded with the media to essentially control what you know about the coronavirus pandemic, mask mandates, and vaccines.

For the first time, in a stunningly beautiful documentary series entitled Headwind, you will hear the true story of scientists who are not afraid to come forward and put their reputations on the line. 

One such scientist is Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA gene transfer technology that the new generation of COVID-19 vaccines is based on. Dr. Malone is not a government bureaucrat, nor does he have any interest at heart except telling the truth.

Dr. Malone is not the only one. Three courageous filmmakers sought out others—scientists who know the truth and understand that the government’s approach to controlling the people through lockdowns and mandates makes no sense.

Headwind is their story. It’s your story too. It’s about facts and understanding from courageous scientists who dare to question everything. 

It will warm your heart and calm your fears. Headwind is a series that must not be missed!

Headwind, a novel and breathtakingly beautiful documentary series. This is episode 1: Dr. Robert Malone.

Headwind Docuseries Poster by Epoch Cinema

In the first episode of Headwind, exclusively broadcast by EpochTV, Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA gene transfer technology on which the new generation of COVID-19 vaccines is based, is interviewed by Jakobien Huisman at Finca Don Carmelo, a small homestead farm in Andalusia. Dr. Malone, being a farmer himself, feels clearly in his element in this rural setting, prompting him to be more personal than usual. His wife, Jill Glasspool, who always accompanies her husband on his travels, is introduced when the crew takes Dr. Malone on a mini trip to the city of Ronda, where the dramatic and spectacular gorge spanned by a 19th-century bridge—which, during the Spanish Civil War, was used to “deplatform” adversaries—creates the ideal backdrop for an insightful interview with the two scientists.

Mark Sanders, director
Alain Grootaers, journalist
Jakobien Huisman, journalist

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