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News & Talk with Chad and Travis. March 15.


On day 52 of the freedom convoy 2022, Travis and Chad report from Saskatchewan enroute back to Salmon Arm, BC – Chad in an excavator and Travis in a house.

Chad helps with snow removal north of Regina and reports Down the Rabbit hole from an excavator while Travis joins in remotely from a house.

Headlines in the News with Travis

Travis Cross

Update | James Topp’s Route, veteran crossing Canada. He is currently in Castlegar, BC.

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Russia puts Trudeau, foreign affairs and defence ministers on its ‘black list’

Ukraine will not join Nato

How TikTok and Instagram’s algorithms inform — and distort — our understanding of the Ukraine war

Who is running to be the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada? Candidates and dates to watch.

I’m Triple-Vaccinated and had COVID-19, Can I go Back to Normal? (no link)

EVENT today, March 15 – Taking Back Our Freedoms – THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: “Regaining the Voices of The Silenced”

CBS News| Full Interview Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on “Face the Nation”

EVENTS | Worldwide Freedom Rallies
Vancouver, BC

Travis Cross, Chad Metz

Travis Cross

Convoy to Vancouver

Image Courtesy: Richer Francoeur, GREAT CANADIAN CRUISE Facebook Group

Down the Rabbit Hole with Chad

Chad Metz

Russia Disinformation/Smear and recap on why they use smear campaigns

Talk about the Soccer Ball


Discussion The Great Dictator, Charlie Chaplin video

Talk about ethics, ethos, Masculine and Feminine energy

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