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News & Talk with Chad and Travis. March 21.


Travis and Chad reporting live from the studio in Salmon Arm, BC having returned from their 2 month journey with the Freedom Rally 2022 to Ottawa, Ontario.

Headlines with Travis.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Travis Cross

What the truckers’ convoy revealed about policing in Canada – Aljazeera

Initial hands-off approach to far-right movement reveals double standards and institutional police biases, experts say.

Some Russians are breaking through Putin’s digital iron curtain — leading to fights with friends and family – The Washington Post

Pro-government propaganda saturates TV, but on Russians’ social media feeds the truth about the war is still contested

Anonymous: How Hackers are Trying to Undermine Putin – BBC News

A member of the Squad 303/Anonymous hacker group
A member of the Squad 303/Anonymous hacker group

Of all the cyber-attacks carried out since the Ukraine conflict started, an Anonymous hack on Russian TV networks stands out.

Moral Dilema

“By now we should have heard from our public health policy-makers that instead of blanket lockdown, we might opt for a model that is business-as-usual with the exception of a full marshaling of resources aimed at those who self-identify as vulnerable and full support for only their isolation. We don’t question the absence of this suggestion because we have been so locked onto the altruistic idea of self-sacrifice for the greater good that any kind of debate would seem selfishly motivated.

“Instead we indulge in the joy of pitching-in and doing good, while remaining guiltlessly ignorant of the fact that history might look back upon lockdown as a devastating mistake. Meanwhile, we collect our CERB cheques and boast about the moral virtues of remaining indefinitely couch-bound. Thus we are placated by a public health policy that we should be debating at the very least.”

$17bn assets yachts Russians PutinThe Global Circulate

Photo by Ignat Kushanrev on Unsplash

More than $17bn (£13bn) of global assets – including offshore bank accounts, yachts, private jets and luxury properties in London, Tuscany and the French Riviera – have been linked to 35 oligarchs and Russian officials alleged to have close ties to Vladimir Putin.

Lara Logan sets the record straight on Ukraine/Russia – Real America’s Voice

Lara Logan

It’s All Starting to Make Sense – Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Hope and Freedom Draw Supporters to People’s Convoy – Epoch Times

Trucks and cars line up to leave Hagerstown Speedway in Hagerstown, Md., on Mar. 19, 2022, to loop the Capital Beltway. (Terri Wu/The Epoch Times)
Trucks and cars line up to leave Hagerstown Speedway in Hagerstown, Md., on Mar. 19, 2022, to loop the Capital Beltway. (Terri Wu/The Epoch Times)

Hagerstown, Md.—It’s day 16 since the People’s Convoy arrived at Hagerstown Speedway in Hagerstown, Maryland, on March 4. The base was quiet on Saturday morning after trucks and cars left before 10:30 a.m. to circle the Capital Beltway again.

Down the Rabbit Hole with Chad

Disclaimer: for entertainment purposes

Chad Metz

Pineal Gland

The Meaning Of The Pineal Gland - Spirit Molecule

Flouride and the Pineal Gland

Flouride’s Effect on the Pineal Gland? Truth about Flouride


Chilling: How Monsanto’s Agent Orange is Still Used Today

Contaminated Water

Poisoned Crops

Chad Metz, Travis Cross

Cover photo by abolfazl shaker on Unsplash

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