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News & Talk with Chad and Travis. March 22.


Travis and Chad reporting live from the studio in Salmon Arm, BC having returned from their 2 month journey with the Freedom Rally 2022 to Ottawa, Ontario.

Headlines with Travis.

Page in a typewriter with word "News"
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Portrait of Travis Cross
Travis Cross

Liberals’ deal with NDP will keep Trudeau minority in power for 3 more years – CTV News.

Interim Conservative Leader Candice Bergen reacts to Liberal–NDP confidence deal – March 22, 2022

At a news conference on Parliament Hill, interim Conservative leader Candice Bergen discusses the newly announced supply-and-confidence agreement between the Liberals and the NDP. She refers to the agreement as a “backroom deal” that will lead to higher inflation and more jobs losses.

picture of Candice Bergen
Candice Bergen

Even If It’s Just One Truck, It’s Still the People’s Convoy’: Trucker Vows to Press On

Delivering the people’s message to those in power.

Bill C-240 – House of Commons of Canada

An Act to amend the Income Tax Act (donations involving private corporation shares or real estate)

House of Commons Agenda for March 22, 2022

Pastor Art is still in solitary confinement in jail as a political prisoner. His warning from the past.

Travis Cross and Chad Metz in the studio with the notTV logo on a screen behind them
Travis Cross, Chad Metz

Fighting is not the answer.

Travis Cross and Chad Metz in the studio with the notTV logo on a screen behind them. Chad has his fists in front of him mimicking a boxer.

Down the Rabbit Hole with Chad

Disclaimer: for entertainment purposes

Outoor picture of Chad Metz
Chad Metz

Mass Psychosis

definition of the word Mandate.
screenshot Event 201 text with Chad Metz in thumbnail in corner
screenshot Event 201 text
screenshot Event 201 text with Chad Metz in thumbnail in corner
screen capture of Travis Cross and Chad Metz in studio with screen with notTV logo behind them. Viewer comment posted on image: by Chris McDonald: "I have spent 50 years trying to get people to be involved in government and voting.

Chad Met sitting in chair holding microphone.
Chad Metz

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