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News & Talk with Chad and Travis. March 29.


Travis touches on a few headlines on his phone away from the studio and Chad signs in remotely with a choppy connection and looks a little deeper down the rabbit hole.

Headlines with Travis.

Sign on tree trunk "Good News is Coming"
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
Travis Cross portrait
Travis Cross

Travis reports away from the studio and Chad comes on from a remote location so the connection is choppy but the headlines and topics are interesting!

Bank of Canada and Massachusetts Institute of Technology announce joint Central Bank Digital Currency collaboration

How Does China’s Social Credit System Work?

Crimes Against Humanity Tour

Durham officer who posted video praising ‘Freedom Convoy’ protesters now facing charges

Down the Rabbit Hole with Chad

For entertainment purposes

animated rabbit looking down a hole
Chad Metz headshot outdoors
Chad Metz

George Carlin – It’s A BIG Club & You Ain’t in it!

Military Insiders Confirm Thousands of Extraterrestrials Live Among Us

17 Photos of Possible Real Aliens


American Eye Youtube clip
Some Conspiracy Theorists Claim the military make a deal with the “Greys” advanced tech for genetic experiments on humans. – Multiple abductee testimonials to back up this theory.

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