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News & Talk With Chad and Travis. March 8.


Travis Headlines:

  • Bonny Henry, BC issues new order .
  • A dentist in Salmon Arm, BC speaks out about vaccination requirements interrupting continuity of care. While other provinces are lifting mandates, BC is putting more restrictions in place. Travis will interview him on Thursday, March 10.
  • An0maly shares some research into the Ukraine situation. Zelenskyy of Ukraine: What Media Isn’t Telling You.
head and shoulders picture of An0maly.
  • A Russell Brand clip.
  • True North News: “National Post Whitewashes a Nazi slogan to defend Chrystia Freeland
  • Tamara Lich is released from jail.
  • Justin Trudeau was in the UK.
  • JP Sears video: Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World?
  • Founders of GiveSendGo, Heather Wilson and Jacob Wells want the hacker of the fundraising website brought to justice.
  • James Topp, Veteran, is walking across Canada from Vancouver to Ottawa. He is currently between Osoyoos and Kimberly, British Columbia. Read more HERE.
  • “Elon Musk: Starlink Won’t Block Russian News Sources”
  • Romanian football club bans vaccinated players. Travis looks at the story but has not confirmed it.
  • Investors are Spending Billions on Digital Real Estate (Metaverse).


Down the Rabbit Hole with Chad

Situation Update March 6, 2022

Travis Cross, Chad Metz

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