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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Day 1 part 2


Salmon Arm, British Columbia

January 23, 2022 –

History is in the making as #freedomconvoy2022 gets rolling. The energy is high as the convoy travels through Salmon Arm enroute to Ottawa. Excitement in the air.

Travis Cross, notTV, on the road interviews Kyle:

“It’s all the faces that that we don’t usually see that are finally coming out…They’ve had enough. People know that this trucker thing comes down to food going on their plate. These truckers are our life support system. These are people that truly run our country. Mr. Trudeau…does not run this country….They’re about to make a big deal once we get to Ottawa.

I was concerned at the beginning about the fact that we are going after our own supply chain but this is it.”

“It’s going to be big guys.”

For those just jumping into this story…

The Freedom Convoy 2022 is on a slow roll from Western and Eastern Canada. They will converge in Ottawa five days from now on January 29. Go to previous post HERE.

Stay tuned…

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  1. I’m an American trucker and all I can say to my Canadian counterparts is “Bravo ladies and gentlemen, Bravo”. It is doubtful that your actions would ever be duplicated here in the states because, as I must shamefully admit, most American truckers just don’t have the nuggets. Maybe your example will shame some of us into standing up for ourselves.


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