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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Day 2: Update #1


Highway #1 Calgary, Alberta

January 24, 2022

A big crowd gathers for unity, solidarity and freedom at 6:00 on a chilly Monday morning in Calgary. While the Freedom Convoy 2022 trucks prepare to continue on to Regina, Saskatchewan, Travis Cross, notTV, interviews people in the crowd and Global TV.

The world we live in now – you’re either telling your own story live on social media or someone is telling it for you.

Travis Cross

Messages from We the people:

  • We need freedom back. We need democracy. We need to unite as Canada. ~Thadius
  • I think the division could be over. ~Emma
  • We need to get back to what was normal and improve upon what was normal. ~Jane
  • Let’s stand up for the truckers. ~Gladys
  • Stand in the truth – I feel like a tipping point has happened and there is a big awakening going on. I can’t watch the mainstream news anymore – they’re not speaking the truth anymore. I see a different story out here. They tell a truth but there is always two sides and I feel it’s one-sided. The whole picture isn’t being spoken.~Adelle
  • All people want is freedom and choice. Around the world in different countries people are saying enough is enough. To the government: You’re there to work for us. This is not a dictatorship. This is a democracy. If you can’t do your job then step down, walk away, and stop lying. The people are not stupid. Canadians are smart all across this country.~Rod
  • I’m here because I’m all about freedom, all about coming together as one. We are super annoyed with the current decisions. I want equal support for industries and justice.~Aaron

notTV Interviews Global News, Calgary

Travis, notTV: “What’s going on here today?”

Blake, Global: “We have a convoy here headed across the country to Ottawa. There’s a protest. I thought it was the mandatory vaccine requirements for truckers but it seems like it’s for a whole bunch of different things.”

Travis: “We heard it was about road conditions and pot holes.”

Blake: “No. That’s not it.”

Travis: “There’s so much contention between social media and the mainstream media – what’s the feeling behind that? How do you manage to get through that at the end of the day? At the end of the day we’re all human. There’s a lot of division between us today.”

Blake: “You nailed it. There’s definitely division. It’s hard as a local broadcaster because you live in the city. You know the people who live in the city, you talk to them and you care about them and I think it gets conflated with what is much larger network news and we’re just trying to tell Calgarian’s stories. I understand some people are frustrated. And the social media thing offers another point of view so that’s good to see.

Travis: “What would you like people to know when it comes to media and the world we live in today?”

Blake: “There’s so much information at everyone’s fingertips it does require some work. Double check with multiple sources.”

Global News, Jan 24, 2022: “Freedom convoy” of truckers opposing COVID-19 vaccine mandate rolls through Alberta


Kyle Benning, Global News, reports on January 24, 2022 that an Ipsos poll shows two thirds of people believe stricter measures should be put on unvaccinated people. It also found that half think government should put a health tax on people who are unvaccinated

“New measures ultimately mean that up to 26,000 fewer truck drivers are able to cross the border…this could lead to fewer items on shelves and higher prices.”

Pat King, Truck Convoy: “Drop the mandates across the board for every man, woman, and child across Canada. We’ve dealt with this for two years. You said two weeks to flatten the curve. We’re two years later.”

Kerry Bowman, University of Toronto, Bioethicist: “It’s divisive. We’re alienating big pockets of our population with some of these mandates. Whether it’s justified or not it’s hard to say.

Benning summarizes Bowman says he is unsure whether the science justifies vaccine mandates but that government communication has put Canadians at odds.

For more #FreedomConvoy2022 coverage follow Laura Lynn on Rumble HERE

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