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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Day 2 – Update #3


Caronport, Saskatchewan -21C

Reporting from the Road

January 24, 2022

Meet some very friendly fellow Canadians in Caronport, SK bracing frigid temperatures to support our #freedomconvoy2022. We appreciate your commitment. It’s cold out there!

Travis and Chad continue to meet and greet Canadians on the way to Ottawa ahead of the Freedom Convoy 2022. There seems to be a growing consensus that mainstream lies. We want to think that is not true but freedom of speech allows them to record the thoughts of Canadians on this journey across Canada.

The Fire Department Supports the Convoy:

“If Trudeau funds the CBC whose story are they going to tell? Are they going to tell his story and his narrative or are they going to listen to the people?”

“It’s hard to believe that the science that is coming out all over the world is being blocked so thoroughly to getting into this country.”

It’s a bizarre situation…unbelievable. People are just starting to wake up. And I am thankful that they are.

Messages have been sent to Fox and Joe Rogan in the United States – hopefully they will cover the story of their Canadian neighbours. Joe Rogan’s last big hit was 41 million…that’s the kind of coverage we need in Canada for our safety so we don’t turn into a state like Australia. That’s a nightmare. I can’t believe what they are facing just to live free.

Member of the Caronport Fire Department

There is growing support from law enforcement. A police officer comment, “We’re going to observe and that’s it.”

Which Media Benefitted From The Trudeau Government’s Covid-19 Funds?

Heritage ministry added over 30 million dollars in ‘recovery’ funding to undisclosed media recipients

September 10, 2021

“In the last two previous elections, the Liberals committed to supporting the media industry. The 2015 Liberal election platform promised the party would reverse cuts former prime minister Stephen Harper made to CBC/Radio-Canada, and once in power, the Trudeau government renewed $150 million in annual funding. In 2019, in the leadup to that year’s election, the Liberals unveiled a $595 million bailout for select news outlets.” Read the full article HERE.

Federal budget pledges $675-million in CBC funding

March 22, 2016

A $675-million pledge by the Liberal government – which includes $75-million in new funds for the rest of this fiscal year followed by an extra $150-million annually through 2021 – is the anticipated centrepiece of an array of new cultural spending totalling nearly $1.9-billion over the next five years. Read the full article HERE.

The GoFundMe fund continues to grow! Donate HERE

For more #FreedomConvoy2022 coverage follow Laura Lynn on Rumble HERE

Stay tuned…

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