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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Day 2 – Update #5


Thank you to the RCMP and Police who understand what this is all truly about!

Support is coming in from all sides.

Constable Erin Howard, Ontario Police Service, gives a shout out to all the truckers. She will be in Ottawa speaking on behalf of Police on Guard and they are “thrilled and honoured” to be able to be there.

I think what you guys are doing is incredible. You’re fighting for our rights and freedoms. And right now it feels like we’re a little bit at war and those rights and freedoms are at stake. You guys are honestly true heroes.

Cst. Erin Howard

Constable Howard is reassuring voice to Canadian citizens.

Unfortunately, the Ontario Police Department begs to differ.

Sean Davidson, CTV News, Toronto was very fast to pick up this story. It covers topics that Canadians disapprove of according to comments along this Freedom Convoy 2022 journey: divisive and one-sided reporting.

Video posted online by Ontario police officer supporting ‘Freedom Rally’ being looked into.

“A video posted on social media by an Ontario police officer, who says she feels people are at war for their freedoms, is being looked into by a regional police force.”


While OPS and mainstream news don’t approve of the Constable’s comments the people do.

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Mounties for Freedom

Daniel Bulford, ex RCMP officer on Trudeau’s sniper detail speaks out.


Daniel Bulford for Mounties 4 Freedom takes some time to speak with RCMP Cst. Richard Huggins. Huggins is a Sniper on ERT in British Columbia.

Stand Strong Canada.

For more #FreedomConvoy2022 coverage follow Laura Lynn on Rumble HERE

Stay tuned…

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