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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Day 4 – Update #3


On the Road from Dryden, Ontario…in a long string of vehicles

The Amazing Journey Continues

How is the anti freeze?

Chad explains that with the hot and cold from engine to cold weather you sometimes get shrinking and expansion from different materials whether it’s metal, plastic or rubber – but it seems to be better. They should be able to make it to Ottawa and fix it later on unless they come across someone with a shop when they have some down time.

We have a higher power on our side because it seems to be sealing up.


Thank you Curtis and Carrie!

Travis and Chad were able to get a good sleep last night thanks to Curtis and Carrie who booked a hotel room.

Chad Metz

A group of Australians are coming to support the convoy.

Travis Cross

Big Support

Australians are on their way as well as people from New Zealand and Switzerland.

Because of technology this is a worldwide event and we are all connected. The message is not tainted by only being funnelled through media and propaganda. In the past mainstream media was the only way to get information out.

We know how that goes.

Letter from God

This letter was tucked into a bag of food put together by one of the many volunteers. It is another indication of the amount of love and support protecting the warriors on this Freedom Convoy 2022.

It’s got to get worse before it gets better sometimes…on the other side of this hopefully are a lot of sunny days and the unity continues.

This is once in a lifetime and hopefully the next couple of generations don’t have to go through this again. Hope they can hold the line and maintain what comes of this.

I pray that from this comes something great.

Chad Metz

Feel like a trucker with ZELLO

This is great app to hear the news as it unfolds. It’s like a walkie-talkie system that the truckers use. Those at home can listen to the CB radio and feel like they are part of the journey in real time.

The channel is Convoy to Ottawa 2.0.

The common thread here is freedom. That value is being tested right now.

Do we want to accept the gift of freedom that our grandparents gave us? Do we want to do the work to pass it forward to our grandchildren?

The time for us to decide is now.

Keep on Trucking.

Travis Cross

10-4 Good Buddy!

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Stay tuned…

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