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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Day 4 – Update #5


20 km Outside Thunderbay…

At the truck stop lots of Trucks! 50 PLUS…

With people coming together borders are disappearing. Utah and Alabama and COSTA RICA are watching this live stream.

Houston, Texas is in Ottawa. Nice!

Media has typically focused on the differences between the United States and Canada but the Freedom Convoy 2022 is uniting people instead.

We’re all human.

We have a lot more in common than mainstream would like us to think.


And Friendly People

Thanks to the person who gave a heads up to the OPS handing out tickets for hand helds in vehicles!

From the Trenches

This doesn’t feel like a fringe minority…as Trudeau calls it.

Shout Out to Morgan (Chad’s sister)

Thank you clip art free images clipart 4

Thank you for your amazing help in promoting us!

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Stay tuned…

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