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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Day 5 – Update #1


Getting ready to Roll

Thunder Bay, Ontario to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

Early Morning Start to Day 5 – Thursday

Leaving the overflow parking lot, one of three or more parking lots. Missed the race track yesterday where a large number of the people gathered.

Heading out

Oops…Travis calls it the Trucker Convoy.

It is that but…

The key word is FREEDOM.

Now I’m speaking like the media…I’m partially right.

Mainstream Media Update on Freedom Convoy 2022

With two days until the convoy reaches Ottawa the mainstream media is starting to report on it. The world is watching and talking about Canada so they can’t really ignore the longest convoy in Canadian history.

That’s the good news.

Toronto Sun – January 26

“Hotels in Ottawa say they are running out of rooms as the capital braces for a huge onslaught of demonstrators. Time will tell what actually does happen, but after talking to people en route, it could be massive.”

“It’s already getting a great deal of attention. Popular U.S. podcaster Joe Rogan mentioned it in his latest show, NHL legend and proud Canadian Theo Fleury appeared on FOX News and even Donald Trump Jr. has gone to social media about it.” Read the full article HERE.

The bad news is the negative spin mainstream is putting on the convoy.

“In Canada, much of the coverage has been focused on potential racist participants or the fear of a Jan. 6-style insurrection.”

When will they pay attention to the voice of Canadians – that “fringe minority” that is headed to Ottawa?

The day after Justin Trudeau calls the convoy a “fringe minority” he goes into self-isolation for five days at his home. Could this be a set up similar to the United States capital riot on January 6, 2020?

Stay alert everyone.

No matter what mainstream media says….the convoy and truckers have TONS of support!

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Stay tuned…

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