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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Day 6 – Update #1


Back on the Road to Ottawa, Canada

A bit of a late start after hitting the local Bell, Best Buy and Staples stores to resolve the technical difficulties from yesterday. It is still nine hours to Ottawa but Chad and Travis are rested and rolling and ready for whatever is coming.

We want to show support for the First Nations. They will have a large presence in Ottawa and are doing smudging ceremonies to help the movement.

Flag of Haida.svg

You guys are doing an outstanding job. You are interesting 🧐 to listen to and just telling peoples stories is so great. For those of us who can’t be there you are helping to bridge that gap. Thank you from me – the widow of a trucker. God speed.

As they heading to Ottawa the plan at the moment is to stay outside Ottawa and then move in together in the morning at 11:00 EST to arrive at noon in a convoy format.

Do not watch the mainstream news.

We hear that mainstream media is putting a slant on the movement and broadcasting misleading information.

Stay tuned for Chad’s interview with a Canadian trucker and some U.S. Frontline Nurses.

There has been lots of activity. A couple of crashes and an oil tanker that spilled on the 416 but they were able to keep the truckers moving. So far things still sound good safety wise. Pat King, on his live feed cautioned people to slow down on the roads. It’s hard for the truckers to slow down and can become fatal.

There is a lot of support from the UK coming through the radio chatter. Live streams proliferate the network so watch for other feeds to get different perspectives.

Something sparked this massive wave of people saying ‘No. Enough is enough.

Travis Cross

People line the streets in Ottawa showing massive support having arrived ahead of the convoy. Tomorrow will be a big day as people converge in Ottawa arriving from Kingston, Ontario, the East coast and the West coast.

We heard that a meeting took place between some of the politicians as they try and sort things out. The trucker sentiment over the radio is that the politicians might be a little bit scared. It’s seems the heels have been dug in by Mr. Trudeau when he said this is a fringe minority and go get vaccinated – end of story. But people on the street are saying that’s not the end of the story.

Fear of Success

How do we move forward after this? There is a bit of an air of fear in the air for what’s next. People want change and are ready for change but there is uncertainty about what things look like on the other side of this.

If there is a vote of non-confidence and Trudeau is asked to resign then people need to start asking what do we want to see in a leader moving forward?

Freedom is one fundamental value. It’s a time to revisit our conversation about what values do we want to share and create as we move forward as a nation? What does it mean to be soverign?

There is a lot of education that will come out of this.

Travis Cross

The Truckers v. Trudeau journey continues as we bring a first hand real world perspective from the road with Freedom Convoy 2022.

More Coverage to come #freedomconvoy 2022

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