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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Day 7 – Update #4


In Arnprior, Ontario vans, SUVs, and motor homes inch along. The last stretch to Ottawa is the slowest.

It’s a long trip. Once they arrive in Ottawa they need to be flexible, not knowing what to expect. It’s difficult to know when they might be headed home.

Some truckers have said they’re prepared to stay until June and others for 30 days. However long they stay in Ottawa it’s clear they are in it for the long haul.

Headed to Parliament hill to capture the activity and interview people along the way. It will be challenging with the cold weather affecting equipment batteries, but it’s important to show everyone the perspective from boots on the ground.

A caller calls in to give an update on the Regina convoy. There is lots of support on St. Albert street in Regina, Saskatchewan. People who can’t make it out to Ottawa are gathering in their own communities. The momentum is building across Canada.

There’s strength in numbers!

Volunteers brave the cold temperature (-26C/-78.8F) to distribute food and water to the drivers.

Cold Weather Clip Art | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images

Canadian truckers are well-seasoned to the cold weather. As are the equipment operators who load the trucks onto pallets or steel coils. They have to stand out in frigid temperatures to load and unload the freight. Many people don’t think about the mechanics that have to go out to fix the trucks at the side of the road when it’s extremely cold outside.

Chad and Travis bring viewers along for the ride. It’s a long and tiring. Seven days on the road so far. Watching from home it’s to easy to forget how uncomfortable the journey must be. It’s a typical Canadian winter dipping close to -30C at times. They don’t know from day to day where they will sleep: in the truck, someone’s couch, or a hotel. Meals aren’t planned either. It helps that there are so many kindhearted volunteers offering food and hugs. The many smiles along the way help too.

Follow the route at https://canada-unity.com/bearhug/.

In just two weeks the GoFundMe campaign has raised over $8.3 million and growing. If you would like to donate go HERE.

Chad and Travis are very grateful to everyone who has contributed to help with their expenses. They have to cover their own costs so all support is welcome.

More Coverage to come #freedomconvoy 2022

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