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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Day 7 – Update #5


The Whole World Unites

In the Freedom Convoy 2022 line up inching along. Travis and Chad left Salmon Arm on January 23 to join the convoy headed to Ottawa. They are about 15 km from Parliament Hill and the convoy trails behind them for a long way. The movement has taken on a life of its own and is growing far bigger than anyone imagined.

Despite traffic congestion and so many vehicles in the convoy they are not blocking other traffic from travelling. It is very peaceful and polite.

There is a massive turn out in Kelowna to show support. In Regina, Albert Street is getting overwhelmed with the amount of supporters.

Mainstream News – Omission Lying

Police In Ottawa are just letting a few trucks past the barricades. This creates a false impression for the media that there are fewer truckers involved. The last two years leading up to the Freedom Convoy are waking more people up to media tactics.

How long have we been lied to?

No description available.

Don Cherry sent out a statement of support.

Rebel News reports that the truckers are not leaving. They are planning on staying for three weeks or until they bring Trudeau down. Chad heard the truckers are prepared to stay until June. Chad says he, too, is prepared to stay but his bills and bank account are not quite so agreeable!

Coverage From the Road

Travis Cross
Chad Metz

More Coverage to come #freedomconvoy 2022

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