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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Day 7 – Update #6


Night Time in Ottawa – Heading Downtown

Coverage continues from the street. Travis and Chad heard they are not letting any more vehicles into the downtown and that there are are 200,000 people downtown. They got word there are people everywhere you look and there are more people enroute that are two days out. There are truck drivers still coming from across the border. There are cities all over Canada and possibly all over the world that are standing up.

We can hear ZELLO chatter in the background: “There are a lot of American truckers here…and American citizens…the vibes are good

Travis says they were watching some of the coverage from the downtown live cams and “it is not what is happening”.

A viewer comment during the live stream: “CBC is announcing that the protest is RUSSIAN funded.”
This is misinformation. Chatter on the radio (ZELLO) says people who are being destructive and are funded by other organizations do not represent the people who just drove across Canada to be here.

The people who drove across Canada to be in Ottawa keep stressing to keep it peaceful.

Chad Metz

Multiple narratives spread through mainstream news which will contribute to mounting tension.


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