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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Day 7 – Update #7


Ottawa, Canada

Chatting with People on Wellington Street

Travis Cross

Once you get past the road blocks you see a lot of trucks. And there are many more not allowed in sitting at another roadblock .

People set up in their campers and have generators going. They’re set up for the night.

Barbeque set up…

Fire going for warmth…

There are tractors indicating the farmers are on board, too.

Police said they can walk anywhere and are friendly. The Officer said, “There are no issues today.”

Chad Metz

Truckers bring more than food. They bring hope.

We’re bringing in a truckful of freedom

Cheryl, Ontario

I cried when I saw the trucks. I live here. We’ve been so oppressed, we’ve been so scared. Now there’s hope.

I remember the old Canada where we all got along. And then they divided us over the last twenty years. Finally, Canada is coming back…Seeing smiles on people’s faces again is amazing.


Travis: “What do you want to see happen?”

Shirley: “It’s got to stop. It has to end. No more. This is B.S. It’s got to stop. That’s the bottom line.”

Shirley, Ottawa, Ontario

The truckers are staying until the work is done.

Parliament Building Ottawa, Canada

The word on the street is the police are blocking off the trucks in sections so it doesn’t look like there are as many trucks as there really are. When the media broadcasts their footage it will be misleading to viewers at home.

Kevin from Cambridge, Ontario
Hubert drove ten hours from Quebec, Canada

News Media is Absent so far…


“It’s great that everyone is coming together. I’m for people to have freedom of choice…I am a nurse. We learned that you need to have informed consent. I give you the information. I give you the risks and the benefits and the benefits must outweigh the risks. And then you make an informed decision. It should not be something that is forced, coerced. It’s diabolical.”

Stand up for your rights. It may cost you something. But if you don’t stand up you stand to lose everything.

Natalie, Nurse

Misinformation is often truth of what they don’t want to have heard. And we all need to hear it.

The fact that they don’t want to say anything to us kind of makes me feel like something is going on here that they don’t want us to know about.

Things are probably a little deeper than a virus.

We need people to know we need to be free.

They take away incrementally…but if we can get it incrementally back to get people understanding maybe it’s about something else.

This is the biggest fringe I’ve seen in my life….I think ‘minority’ is something they throw out to make it seem like not as big a thing, that there aren’t as many people feeling the way they feel about it. There’s a minor collection of bullshit that goes on in the mainstream media. If you watch that stuff it’s to your own detriment, that’s for sure.


I hope the minority can become a big majority.


I couldn’t be more proud to be Canadian than I am right now. I’d like to see us be able to have our rights back…our rights to choose.

Aside from getting together and making a bunch of maple syrup it doesn’t get any more Canadian than this.


There’s no bad energy here.


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